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VirusTotal is a free service developed by a team of devoted engineers that work with full independence of any ICT security game player. VirusTotal is an information aggregator, the presented data is the output of different antivirus products, file characterization tools, website scanning engines and datasets, website characterization tools and user contributions.

This page acknowledges all companies and individuals that have integrated a product, tool or resource in VirusTotal, or have contributed somehow. VirusTotal is not tied to any of these companies or individuals in any way, hence, the results provided are not subjected to any type of bias. VirusTotal is not responsible for false positives generated by any of the resources it uses, false positive issues should be addressed directly with the company or individual behind the product under consideration.

Antivirus products


  • AbdAlnour Sami (Arabic)
  • Alexander Nureyev (Russian)
  • Alexandr Mikhnevich (Russian)
  • Attila Oláh (Hungarian)
  • BennyBeat (Català)
  • Bei Xiao (Chinese)
  • Danfong Hsieh (Traditional Chinese)
  • Daniel Henrique Tsuha (Portuguese)
  • Daniel Plohmann (German)
  • Dennis Madsen (Danish)
  • Hu Xiaofei (Chinese)
  • Ibrahim Abo Seada (Arabic)
  • Jaehyung Lee (Korean)
  • Kay Wille (German, French)
  • Kosmatch Eugene (Russian)
  • Labed Mohamed Ziane (Arabic)
  • lateralus (Norwegian)
  • Loki Stormbringer (Polish)
  • Marian Kühnel (Slovak)
  • Martijn van B (Dutch)
  • Payam Khaninejad (Persian)
  • pinportal (Portuguese)
  • Piotr Myśliński (Polish)
  • Rancher (Serbian, Croatian)
  • Riccardo Masutti (Italian)
  • Romain Lauret (French)
  • Ryu Hiyoshi (Japanese)
  • Thamir Alawwad (Arabic)
  • Thanh Tài Nguyễn (Vietnamese)
  • THWIT (German, Dutch)
  • Tom Atanasov (Bulgarian)
  • Ucha Gobejishvili (Georgian)
  • Yuki Shira (Japanese)

Website/domain scanning engines & datasets

File characterization tools & datasets