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Bernardo Quintero VirusTotal Manager

Julio Canto Software Engineer

He had several hobbies, such as malware analysis, reversing, pentesting, which ended up becoming his job. Sick and tired of finding bugs in the traditional business and management approaches, he had the idea of creating VirusTotal, which is why we call him manager, yet he never wears a suit or tie, hates talking on the phone and thinks meetings are a waste of time. He believes that being the manager is the easiest job: "just find others smarter than you and facilitate their work when solving problems".

His main expertise is development distributed environments. He has also participated in Security Audits and Emergency Response, dealing with malware and online fraud.

Julio is VirusTotal's core developer, he writes the code for the aggregate antivirus scanning backbone. Back in 2004 he produced the very first VirusTotal release and today he continues to improve it. In 2004 he married Python and he lives in love happily ever after.

Emiliano Martínez Software Engineer

Alejandro Bermúdez Security Engineer

Even though he started off analysing banking malware for VirusTotal's fraud prevention service and developing INTECO's Study on Information Security and E-trust in Spanish Households, he could not avoid the call of the wild and got involved in VirusTotal, developing its very first private API.

Soon after, he started coding browser extensions for VirusTotal and fully redesigned the public site: conceiving VirusTotal Community, the public API and integrating the URL scanning backbone. He is the developer and maintainer of the current aggregate URL scanning engine and, together with Víctor, he takes care of this site and other premium satellite services.

Alejandro was freed from the electronics and electrical sector by VirusTotal's philantropic joint forces. He holds the machine building Guinness Book record and whenever he gets bored of swimming in ram disk pools he spits python code for fun and profit.

Alejandro works with Julio in developing VirusTotal's core, coding new prototypes and testing out excentric ideas. He has been actively engaged in moving the scanner to the cloud and now continues to integrate new tools and antivirus vendors in the service.

Víctor Manuel Álvarez Software Engineer

Francisco Santos Security Engineer

He was rescued from an antivirus lab, where he was involved in malware research. Started off at VirusTotal keeping an eye on banking trojans and fraud oriented threats, but soon he gave birth to a malware research premium service.

Such premium service offers antivirus vendors, security companies, incident response teams and other institutions a malware research portal where they can search through VirusTotal's dataset.

Víctor continues his motherhood commitment giving birth to and taking care of a number of VirusTotal Satellite Services, including this public site.

He was the developer of the very first VirusTotal website, even before AJAX was conceived. Since 2004 he has been the VirusTotal's sysadmin and has scars due to the multiple DDoS attacks we suffered in the past. Equipped with his snort piglet and several gigabytes of faith he combatted crooks all over the world until we moved our web application to Google App Engine.

Nowadays Francisco has adopted a more peaceful attitude and develops tools to characterize further files submitted to VirusTotal.

Karl Hiramoto Technical Account Manager

At a time when VirusTotal was under heavy attack by a myriad of worms that were given the following names by the AV industry: Win32/Bureaucracy.Worm.B, Worm:Win32/Paperwork.A, Worm.Win32.Processdriven.Gen, W32/SalesOps.Gen!B, etc. we were delighted to find Karl, who managed to break out of the embedded systems prision in order to join the noble cause of VirusTotal.

Today he is the patient knight that deals with the inquiries of our support division while still digging up some time to point his spear towards some code and help in making the Internet a safer kingdom.