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Since VirusTotal was presented at e-Gallaecia 2004 it has received several awards and special mentions. All of these have been awarded by organizations that act with complete independence of VirusTotal, this section includes a list of the main awards worth mentioning, our small space for vanity.

Ranked in SecTools.org Top 125 Network Security Tools

Sectools.org Top 125

In 2011 VirusTotal was ranked in SecTools.org's Top 125 Network Security Tools list. VirusTotal was included under the category of antimalware tools and was described as:

VirusTotal is a web service that analyzes submitted files for known viruses and other malware. It incorporates dozens of antivirus engines from different vendors, updated regularly with new signatures. Participating antivirus vendors can get alerts when a file is not detected by their product but is by someone else's.

Recommended in BBC's Webscape

BBC Webscape

In 2011 VirusTotal was recommended by BBC's Web reviewer Kate Russell in BBC's official Webscape. BBC's description of the Webscape on its site is as follows:

Web reviewer Kate Russell looks at some extra protection against the threat of viruses and malware hidden inside links and files downloaded from the internet, with VirusTotal.com.

You can watch the original webscape in BBC's website.

VirusTotal Uploader ranked in PC WORLD's 101 Fantastic Freebies

Fantastic Freebies

In 2008 VirusTotal uploader was ranked in the security section's first place of the 101 Fantastic Freebies list developed by the US edition of the PC World magazine. PC WORLD's description of this list was as follows:

Whether you're partial to online services or to downloadable software, we have the Web's best free stuff and it'll keep you productive, secure, and entertained.

You can find more information about this award in the original 101 Fantastic Freebies article.

PC WORLD's best security web site

PC World Best 2007

In 2007 VirusTotal was recognized by the US edition of the PC WORLD magazine as one of the 100 best products of the year. More specifically, it was ranked as the best product in the security web site category. This is PC WORLD's description of the ranking:

Our editors rank the best PCs, HDTVs, components, sites, and services. Plus: the products we're looking forward to next year, and which technologies are rising and falling.

You can find more information about this award in the original The 100 best products of 2007 article.