RSA Conference 2019

Date: March 4-7, 2019
Location: South Expo #2251, Moscone Center, San Francisco
Meet us at RSA Conference 2019 at the Chronicle booth! Schedule a meeting to see a demo or learn more about new features of VirusTotal. Many corporate VT users think of it as a basic malware research service. They often don’t know about its advanced malware intelligence capabilities. These include malware threat hunting, clustering analysis, and relationship and behavior visualization. Together these enable threat research teams to better understand how certain malware works and the signs it leaves if it’s in their networks.

Google Cloud Platform Podcast

#135 VirusTotal with Emi Martínez
On this episode of the podcast, Melanie and Mark talk with Emiliano (Emi) Martínez to learn more about how VirusTotal is helping to create a safer internet by providing tools and building a community for security researchers.

SANS Webinar

Sharpen Your Threat Hunting Capabilities with YARA
YARA is an open-source tool designed to help malware researchers proactively identify and classify malware samples in the future and from the past. With YARA, you can create pattern-based rules to analyze malware families. Whether you are new to YARA or an advanced user, we will share best practices for building rules and helping you level up your threat hunting capabilities.

SANS Webinar

Advanced Malware Threat Hunting and Investigation with VirusTotal Intelligence
Malware continues to be a significant threat to organizations, causing damage on its own or as the tip of the spear for compromised-credential attacks. VirusTotal Intelligence provides a set of advanced capabilities for malware-focused threat hunting and investigation. This webinar will present an end-to-end methodology for investigating a newly-discovered malware sample, beginning with a blog post and file hash, and ending with updated internal security infrastructure.

Ultimate Windows Security Webinar

Using VirusTotal for More than Simple AV Checks: How to Leverage Their Big Data to Threat Hunt in Your Network
Everyone uses VirusTotal’s free web page that allows you to check any file hash against multiple AV engines. But there’s so much more you can do with the massive amount of data they collect every day (2 billion file uploads and counting). And that’s good: just because the file you found on your network doesn’t show as being detected by any AV doesn’t mean it’s safe.

Risky Biz Soap Box

Alphabet Chronicle co-founder Mike Wiacek talks VirusTotal Intelligence
So in this podcast you’re going to hear from two people from Chronicle – Rick Caccia who is the chief marketing officer, he’s mostly chiming in to explain a little bit about the new company – and Mike Wiacek, the CSO and co-founder of Chronicle. He’s going to be telling us about all the features of Virus Total that you probably didn’t realise exist. Did you know if you have a VTI account you can run YARA rules against everything that comes in to Virus Total? And you can apply the rules retrospectively to see what shakes out? And that they have graph and clustering features? And … and … and … you get the idea.